History of Slovak Hepatology Society


1968: The Society. Slovak Society of Hepatology was founded together with the Czech Society of Hepatology in former Czechoslovakia 

1998: The Specialty. Hepatology was approved by the Ministry of Health

1998: The Guidelines. The first guidelines on liver diseases were issued (The management of chronic hepatitides B, C and D).

1999: The Board examination. The subchair of hepatology was created at the Postgraduate Medical School in Bratislava together with the formal postgraduate training program

2002: The prescription. The hepatology was granted code 216 which entitled hepatologists to prescribe drugs.

2008: The Transplantation program. After the era of sporadic LT beginning in 1998, continuous LT programs started in two centers – Bratislava, Banska Bystrica (as of 2022: 369 LTx = 5,45 per milion inhabitants per year)

2009: The Journal. Trends in Hepatology, nowadays the official Journal of the Slovak Society of Hepatology was founded (ISSN 1337-9836).

2014: Outpatient care: The law recognized the hepatology outpatient clinics

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