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The SIRIUS collective has decided to create the website after the first events on 22.8.2022 and 24.8.2022. The interest of the population in liver screening that we encountered at these events, which we were not able to fully satisfy, pointed to several facts: first, that SIRIUS has come at a most opportune time; second, that the shocking morbidity and mortality of liver disease in Slovakia is not primarily due to disinterest; and third, that the SIRIUS method that we have chosen and prepared for a long time will need to be urgently adapted to your requirements. In this context, we ask you to take into account that this is a so-called grassroots project, i.e. by volunteers from the ranks of health professionals who deal with liver diseases on a daily basis. The inevitable organizational and capacity constraints are due to the fact that there are as many of us as there are of us, that we are not professionals in organizing events, and that our other resources are also limited. Nevertheless, we would like to inform you that our original intention - to create a portrait of Slovaks at risk of cirrhosis in the future through a representative sample of the population - is changing. We wanted to visit several towns in each county and sit down at computers to see who to target for future screening. But what hundreds and hundreds of you have let us know by your personal presence at early events, phone calls and the internet is that you want to know about your liver, all of you, right now. Planning for the next course of action is already underway. In addition to continuing SIRIUS on its journey across the country for longer than originally planned, we will be looking at other avenues. We originally planned to end SIRIUS at the end of 2022, but it is now clear that we are being asked to continue. The SIRIUS calendar of events will be made up of simple math: our time, our health, resources for investigative methodologies, and the helpfulness of the other side. So the duration of SIRIUS is open, and if we do not find another way to connect, sooner or later we will come to your neighborhood as well. In the meantime, protect your liver with a new interest in what is good for it and what is not - almost everything is in the peasant's mind that you don't give a damn about. And keep an eye on the websites of the Slovak Hepatology Society, the civic association Chance for the Liver and SIRIUS. Although it is not in our power to answer each and every one of you, we are curious and will read all your questions and suggestions - you will become co-creators of the new SIRIUS.

We look forward to meeting you,
On behalf of the SIRIUS team
Ľ. Skladaný


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