Welcome on the website of Slovak Hepatology society

Who we are

  • Association of professional hepatologists and physicians with an interest in the Liver diseases

  • Constituent member of the Slovak medical

  • About 230 members as of January 2023

  • Contact us at www.slovhep.sk or slovhep@gmail.com

 Our mission

  • Improve quality and availability of specialised health care for patients with liver diseases in Slovakia

  • Provide a common platform for physicians in negotiations with Ministry of health and Health insurance companies

  • Provide continuous medical education for professionals in the area of liver diseases

  • Promote liver health awareness to general public

  • Influence the formulation of goverment policies and programmes related to liver health

  • Promote liver related research in Slovakia

  • Work with industry partners to increase availability of state-of-the-art treatments for liver patients in Slovakia


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